Increase Uptime Availability and Reduce Energy Costs

Toromont Power Systems provides longer maintenance intervals, higher fuel efficiency, and competitive repair options, to deliver the lowest total owning and operating costs.

We have the most extensive post-sales support including oil and fuel monitoring services, preventive maintenance, and comprehensive customer support agreements in the industry.

A Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems' most valuable commodity is time – specifically uptime producing power and revenue. Our long-term maintenance agreements ensure uptime availability, operating life, and safe operation is maximized. Your CHP system is supported by our engineers, so you can rest assured that your equipment will be ordered, delivered, installed, and commissioned in consultation with a local expert.

Our operations and maintenance agreements cover all planned maintenance at an annual fixed cost. They include remote monitoring and diagnostics, on demand technical support, fully qualified service technicians able to respond in less than 24-hours, and a local parts stocking and distribution network that ensures prompt delivery of original-equipment replacement parts.

Toromont Power Systems help avoid unplanned downtime, major failure, and lengthy repairs through trend analysis. All units are fitted with a monitoring system that allows us to understand how the engine is responding to its fuel, load, ambient conditions and other factors over time, so we can adjust the maintenance accordingly. There is no one-size-fits-all maintenance regimen, but our trend-based maintenance will help keep productive hours up and costs down for the full duration of a power generation project. This type of predictive maintenance can reduce service costs by up to 15 percent.

Choose from natural gas CHP systems, alternative biogas electric power options, distributed generation, and ready-to-run turnkey units. Our CHP systems come backed by ongoing Toromont Power Systems support – from installation to planned maintenance.

Featured Power Profile:

Canada Malting

Canada Malting in Thunder Bay relied on the engineering expertise of Toromont Power Systems to install the Caterpillar G3516H CHP system. This unit helps reduce energy costs and enables Canada Malting to utilize waste heat. To meet performance incentives, the CHP system needs to run virtually 24 hours a day. Every 15 minutes’ data is collected for kilowatts generated and the amount of natural gas consumed to ensure the unit is working properly. Since installation, Canada Mating in Thunder Bay is generating up to 90 percent of its own power.

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Keep MRO Costs Below 1.5 Cents

Your objective is to keep your Maintenance Repair & Operations (MRO) costs low.  Understanding how your CHP system responds to its environment, various loads, fuel quality and maintenance is vital to your goal of maximizing uptime. Read tips on how to reduce maintenance costs. 

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CHP Systems

Our CHP systems are engineered for high efficiency. We offer systems for municipalities, universities, schools, healthcare, industrial, greenhouses and agriculture, as well as mining. Browse through our products and download the install information.

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