Retrofit Services

We utilize a combination of in-house engineering, trusted external services and Cat services to complete turnkey retrofit solutions

Don't wait for failure to find out the parts you need are obsolete.  Start by getting a comprehensive survey report on single or multiple options for upgrading existing electrical power generation, distribution, switchgear equipment and associated control systems

We Perform Retrofits, Big or Small, on ALL Makes & Models
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Power Systems Retrofit Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Power System Analysis
  • Switchgear Retrofits
  • Tap Box Integration
  • Automatic Transfer Switch Retrofits
  • Generator & Switch Gear Control Upgrades
  • Power Systems Sequence of Operation Changes
  • Remote Communication Upgrades and Integration
retrofitting switchgear


Any systems new or old that require an upgrade to add a feature electrical or mechanical such as remote monitoring or sequence of operation change, radiator, exhaust upgrade, Address TSSA related deficiencies specific to the power plant.

Generally speaking, if your system is greater than 10 years old you will want to review aging and check for obsolete parts. You can request a free audit of your equipment by filling out this form or calling 1-877-CAT-POWER

Or if your looking to modify an existing system installation that requires specialized integration and coordiation services.

We'll come out to your site and perform an observable audit. It is a look, but not touch audit, to determine if your equipment is a good canditate for a retrofit. No shutdown is performed.

You can request a free audit of your equipment by filling out this form or calling 1-877-CAT-POWER


  • Improve operating costs
  • Annual capital secured warrants retrofit over new systems
  • Improve maintenance cost
  • Reliability (life safety, data communications security)
  • Limit liability
  • Update unsafe equipment that won't pass inspections or meet code

Absolutely. We can eliminate the power bump by altering your existing system switchgear from an open transition to a closed transition scheme. We'll even work with your local utility to ensure all electrical requirements meet utility specifications.

Yes. We can retrofit unsafe or uncompliant equipment to meet local industry standards and code.

Yes. We can install remote monitoring solutions on all generator makes and models

  • Install Cat approved gateways on standby generators to provide generator status and alarms to building automation system (BAS)
  • Installed Cat Product Link on remote standby generators such as outdoor enclosed systems, aggregate sites and roof top systems
  • Update switchgear PLC software to provide data to local SCADA systems

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Power Care by Toromont is a comprehensive Planned Maintenance & Inspection Program, designed to reduce operating cost, prolong component life and increase the overall reliability of your equipment.
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