Preventative maintenance (PM) contracts ensure your equipment is maintained on a regular schedule, by highly trained technicians, with the best parts

Dirt, dust, grease, oil, films or other contaminants can build up on generator windings and create problems. Visual checks and maintenance that includes the following should be performed by trained personnel routinely.

  • Check for movement or loosening of wires
  • Inspect and clean all leads, electrical and electronic components
  • Check insulation using a megger insulation tester
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Actual cleaning procedures range from normal cleaning for dust and dirt to extreme cleaning and recoating for heavy grease, dirt and chemical buildup. A cleaning schedule should be developed based upon application and location. Generally generators should be cleaned.

  • Yearly
  • During generator overhaul
  • Whenever megger test results are unacceptable
  • It is important to note that applications in extremely dirty or salty, humid environments may require more frequent cleaning (i.e. rock dust, marine aux., outdoor installations, etc. may require weekly cleaning).

Talk to us today. We can help determine when and how proper regular generator cleaning will help extend equipment life and prevent expensive damage and downtime.

Power Care by Toromont is a comprehensive Planned Maintenance & Inspection Program, designed to reduce operating cost, prolong component life and increase the overall reliability of your equipment.
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