Contingency Planning

Electric power and temperature control contingency plans

Toromont Power Systems contingency planning provides you with everything you need to react quickly in an emergency.  Pre-planning your response to failures in process equipment, power supply, or even scheduled down time can save valuable time and resources.  Let Toromont help you through the process with this free service.


Our rental power team can help you

  • Plan effectively to secure rental generators
  • Save time and money during scheduled shutdowns
  • Act quickly during emergency outages
  • Develop a plan or refine the temporary power strategy you already have in place
  • Conduct a dry run
Contact a Rental Specialist
contingency plan for power failures
A contingency plan for backup power is in place for this auto manufacturing plant
24 Hour Rental Hotline 1 866-826-0988  Cat Dealer Canada
Rental equipment is only part of what we have to offer.  Our product line is designed to support your most critical operating systems and includes electric power and temperature control.  But nothing is more vital to a smooth-running contingency plan than experience professionals.  From engineering to installation, Toromont Power Systems has the experience and expertise to ensure you're operations continue running.
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