Hassle-Free Ownership Solutions To Get The Most From Your Genset or engine

CUSTOMER VALUE AGREEMENTS | Hassle-Free Ownership Solutions To Get The Most From Your Genset or engine


Our Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) come in a variety of options and are tailored to meet the needs of your operation. From simple preventive maintenance kits to total maintenance and repair agreements, we can help you customize your CVA to keep your genset or engine ready to work with a flexible, hassle-free plan for parts delivery, service, data access and more. CVAs are available with new or not-so-new generators & engines of all brands.

Protect your equipment investment, improve availability and avoid surprises with extended maintenance and repair plans for longevity and reliability.




  • Reduces maintenance costs and creates cost certainty
  • Improves availability of your equipment
  • Helps prevent unplanned downtime
  • Helps meet expected deadlines

 A CVA will help you get the most from your genset and your business:

  • Trained technicians
  • After-hour service
  • Mobile lube trucks
  • SOS Fluid Analysis
  • Genuine Cat parts
  • Unit connectivity
  • Remote monitoring

Our CVAs are customized to fit your specific needs and are considering your time, workflow, usage of your equipment and the level of availability and expertise of your employees.

We can supply you what you need to do all your maintenance yourself, we can share the work with you, do it all for you or even take care of all the maintenance and repairs for you with a Maintenance and repair contract (MARC).

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Power Care by Toromont is a comprehensive Planned Maintenance & Inspection Program, designed to reduce operating cost, prolong component life and increase the overall reliability of your equipment.
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