Regular testing provides you with assurance and peace of mind that comes from knowing that your generator will operate as specified when you need it most, and for the duration of your requirement.

Resistive Load Bank testing

confirms the ability of your generator to produce rated power and tests the following critical systems: cooling, lubrication, fuel, air, exhaust and electrical.

Reactive Load Bank testing

tests all of the above plus confirms: operation of the generator at full kVA, voltage regulator response, switch gear and protective relay settings, and verify load sharing on multiple unit paralleled systems. Also suitable for installations with high motor loads

Benefits of Load Bank Testing Include:

  • Exercising and confirming the cooling system
  • Reseat engine piston rings in the cylinder liners and burn off carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, injector nozzles, piston rings, turbo charger and exhaust system
  • Dissipate condensation build up on the generator copper windings
  • Test engine and generator protective devices
  • An integral part of a maintenance program to ensure CSA compliance

Load bank testing is recommended every 12 months for standby applications and every 36 months for load management applications (tests typically take 2 hours)

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