Save with Flexible Power Generation / Microgrids

Toromont Microgrid Power Systems

Choose from a Flexible Range of Power Sources

  • Solar Power
  • Energy Storage
  • Electric Charging
  • Wind Power
  • Generator Sets
  • Microgrid Controls and Monitoring

Drop Energy Costs, Get Reliable Power & Even Gain Grid Independence With A Self-Contained Sustainable Energy Solution


Complete self-contained energy microgrids that reduce your power costs, free you from grid dependence, give you reliability and power security in any weather conditions and even pays for itself over time. In addition, you can tap into your microgrid when power is most expensive and switch back to grid power when the cost is low.

Our microgrid solutions can include a combination of solar panels, wind turbines, generator(s), Energy Storage Solution(s) (ESS) and a control centre to manage system and power usage. Ranging from 10 kW to 100 MW Toromont Cat creates systems customized for a variety of power needs. 

Our microgrid systems come as easily scalable, standardized kits in various sizes that can be installed very simply by technicians. Toromont Cat can design, build and maintain your self-sustaining power microgrid including service over the long-term so you don’t have to worry about managing or maintaining your system – we do it all. And you’ll never have to shop around, we’ve got every system component you’ll need all at very reasonable cost.

No need for complicated and expensive customized solutions – Toromont Cat makes sustainable power easy and affordable!

Ours sustainable, environmentally friendly energy systems are comparable in up-front cost to other traditional power sources so these self-generating energy systems pay for themselves over a very specific amount of time and that’s when the savings really start to mount.

What You Get With Toromont Cat Microgrid Solutions:

  • Reduced fuel expenses, lower utility bills, decreased emissions, lower total cost of ownership and increased energy efficiency
  • Cat Products With Strong Warranties So You Get The Highest-Quality Solar Components And Peace Of Mind
  • Integrated Systems, Modular And Scalable For The Simplest Solar Solution You Can Expand Quickly And Economically
  • Fast Delivery, Installation and Commissioning So Your Solar Minigrid Is Generating Power And Saving You Money Quickly
  • Turnkey Solutions By Toromont Cat. We Handle Everything From Design And Build To Maintenance And Service
  • Energy Savings Lead To Financial Savings. Over A Specific Timeframe, Your Solar Power Pays For Itself
  • 20+ Year Operations, Service And Maintenance Agreements So You’ll Never Have To Worry About Your Microgrid.
  • Remote Condition Monitoring. We’re Constantly Monitoring Your Solar Microgrid

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