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Toromont Power Systems’ objective is to keep your maintenance costs as low as possible. We have the most extensive post-sales support including oil and fuel monitoring services, preventive maintenance, and comprehensive customer support agreements in the industry. 

From a 12-month basic warranty and scheduled oil sampling to a 12-year Customer Support Agreement, Toromont Power Systems has different maintenance and repair options to match customer requirements. For generator sets and switchgear, Cat Insurance offers various Extended Service Coverage (ESC) plans to protect against the parts and labor costs associated with unplanned repairs after the standard warranty period. In addition, 1 to 5-year Overhaul Protection Coverage (OPC) is offered on both parts and service associated with CHP system overhaul. Toromont Power Systems can provide a suite of options tailored toward project specific needs.

How much does good maintenance cost? Every application and service regimen is different, but a conservative rule of thumb for "all in" maintenance costs on a project using natural gas generator sets is between 0.7 and 1.3 cents per kilowatt-hour.


Our maintenance agreements run 5 to 20-years and we will provide you with:

Preventive Maintenance: Using trend-based maintenance, we will be able to prevent breakdowns before they occur. This will help keep productive hours up and costs down for the full duration of a project.

Repair management: Quality replacement components and consumables from our extensive parts inventories.

Staff Training: This is vital to maximizing the benefits of CHP and reducing downtime. We will provide training and safety certification for your staff.

Scheduled Inspections: This program will ensure higher reliability, increased uptime, and less unscheduled events. These factors significantly influence your profit or your return on assets.

Record keeping: This is a proven tool to help manage your CHP system and helps you develop a complete service history for each generator compartment. Understanding how your system responds to its environment, various loads, fuel quality, and maintenance are vital to your goal of maximizing uptime.

Fluid Sampling program: Caterpillar’s fluid sampling program is termed SOS. This program reduces owning and operating costs by identifying excessive wear or contaminated fluids. These prompt alerts allow for repair before failure.

Emergency Service: 24-hour emergency service and technical support from your engine manufacturer.

With Toromont Power Systems, you will have the confidence that we will be there to keep you up and running.


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Sudbury District Energy

City of Greater Sudbury, with support from Sudbury Hydro and Toromont Power Systems, developed a 5 MW CHP facility that services seven major buildings in the downtown core, including two office towers and a federal government building, with hot water for heating and chilled water for cooling. A few years later, Toromont Power Systems constructed a 6.7-megawatt natural gas CHP plant inside Sudbury Regional Hospital to provide the hospital with heating, cooling, and electricity.

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