The Lowest Total Owning And Operating Costs In The Industry

Toromont Power Systems is your single source Combined Heat and Power (CHP) partner. We are Canada’s leading provider of turnkey CHP systems and offer end-to-end project planning and implementation for your CHP system — from feasibility studies, system design and the commissioning of turnkey power plants through maintenance, parts, and servicing.

We have the most extensive post-sales support including oil and fuel monitoring services, preventive maintenance, and comprehensive customer support agreements in the industry. Our units are fitted with a monitoring system that allows us to understand how the engine is responding that so we can adjust the maintenance accordingly. There is no one-size-fits-all maintenance regimen, but our trend-based maintenance will help keep productive hours up and costs down.

Our CHP systems are supported by our factory trained global network of Toromont Power System dealers, so you can rest assured that your equipment will be ordered, delivered, installed, and commissioned in consultation with a local expert.

With longer maintenance intervals, higher fuel efficiency, and competitive repair options, Toromont Power Systems delivers the lowest total owning and operating costs. When you design your facility within the Toromont Application and Installation Guidelines, you can expect an availability as high as 99 percent of planned operating hours annually, which adds up to a strong return on your investment, year after year.


The cost of electricity is rising and those high prices can affect your profit margins and put your profitability at risk. Power independence is extremely important, especially when affordable pricing and reliability of power is critical to your operations. CHP helps companies control energy costs, ensure power quality, and reliability while reducing environmental impacts. With the rising cost of electricity, the business case for CHP has never been better. Low natural gas prices and high electricity prices create a natural “spark spread” making these projects a good option. Incentive programs from the provincial government and delivered by your Local Distribution Carrier are available to augment these opportunities.

Detailed Engineering Incentive
 Local Distribution Carriers can fund 100 percent of the cost of a Detailed Engineering Study (DES) up to $50,000.

Save on Energy – Process and Systems Upgrade Incentive (PSUI)
An approved CHP project can receive up to 40 percent of the total project cost for projects delivering up to 10 MW of electricity.

Cap and Trade Allowances
As specified in the final cap and trade regulation, “Ontario Regulation 144/16” made under the “Climate Change Mitigation and Low-carbon Economy Act, 2016” the emissions from natural gas use associated with both the thermal and electric output of CHP operation are eligible for free allowances, provided that the electricity generated is used for “behind the meter” load displacement, and that emissions from all sources at a facility, including but not limited to CHP operation, meet the required thresholds for participation.

Cogeneration Project Solutions

You choose a Toromont CHP system for your combined heat and power operations because they're consistent, reliable performers. You deserve a financial partner with those same qualities. At Toromont Power Systems, we understand your industry and how to put capital to work in any regulatory environment. We offer loans and leases for a variety of cogeneration projects, or we can finance your entire project. Streamlining the process to get you up and running fast.

Financial Solutions

  • Construction plus term financing for projects that include a Toromont CHP system
  • Financing based on total project cost, including a Toromont CHP system and related equipment
  • Loans for projects from one megawatt and up
  • Standard loan and lease terms of up to 10 years plus construction period


  • True project financing that covers engineering, equipment, construction, permit and intangible costs
  • Competitive floating or fixed-rate structures
  • Flexible repayment options with no payments during construction
  • Simple, straightforward documentation, funding and closing processes that save you time and hassle
  • Lender’s engineer on staff
Featured Power Profile

Markham District Energy

Markham District Energy (MDE) hired Toromont Power Systems as a turnkey provider to design and commission a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant at Markham Centre. Because of rapid urban growth, MDE added additional energy centers throughout Markham. MDE operates over 21 MW of Cat-powered natural gas and diesel generating capacity at three locations that provide reliable and efficient power and heating to its customers.

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CHP Systems

Our CHP systems are engineered for high efficiency. We offer systems for municipalities, universities, schools, healthcare, industrial, greenhouses and agriculture, as well as mining. Browse through our products and download the install information.

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