Lower Energy Costs and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Toromont Power Systems’ philosophy is to deliver the most reliable power generation at the lowest possible cost of ownership and operation. We not only design and build Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems, but we also provide customized project financing and trade solutions through Cat Financial.

Cat Financial is a full-service finance company offering both loans and leases at competitive interest rates and flexible terms on equipment and projects powered by Toromont Power Systems. Construction and term project financing is available for up to 80 percent of the total project cost, including engineering, equipment, permitting, and soft costs.

With longer maintenance intervals, higher fuel efficiency, and competitive repair options, Toromont Power Systems delivers the lowest total owning and operating costs in the industry. When you design your CHP system within the Toromont Application and Installation Guidelines, you can expect availability as high as 99 percent of planned operating hours annually, which adds up to a strong return on your investment, year after year.  Our CHP systems provides:

  • Reliable power  
  • Environmental benefits and tax credits due to reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • The ability to reduce energy costs by taking your business off the power grid and generating your own electricity 

Generating heat and electricity simultaneously from a single power station can lower energy costs, avoid power failures, as well as reduce a business’ carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. By transforming wasted heat into useful energy, a Toromont CHP system is up to 90% more efficient than traditional power generation.The success of a CHP power generation project comes down to the cost of electricity per kilowatt-hour. Even saving tenths of a cent in cost per kilowatt-hour equates to millions of dollars saved over the system's life. 

To see the financial benefits of investing in a CHP system from Toromont Power System, we have provided you with a CHP Return On Investment Calculator.  

Featured Power Profile:

Rosa Flora Limited

Rosa Flora Limited partnered with Toromont Power Systems to develop a customized CHP system with the ability to provide electricity for electrical loads and thermal energy for warming the greenhouse when natural light isn’t enough. Rosa Flora installed the two G3516 CHP systems in 1992 and in early 2011, the grower commissioned two G3520Cs, which each produce 2 MW of electricity and deliver approximately 3 MW of thermal energy to support greenhouse heating needs. Rosa Flora purchased two additional G3520C CHP systems from Toromont Power Systems in 2014, which is part of a new 4 MW CHP plant. The new CHP plant supports a contractual arrangement with the Ontario Power Authority, where Rosa Flora sells electricity it generates back to the grid and use the heat from the generator to warm its greenhouses.

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CHP Systems

Our CHP systems are engineered for high efficiency. We offer systems for municipalities, universities, schools, healthcare, industrial, greenhouses and agriculture, as well as mining. Browse through our products and download the install information.

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