Toshiba 5000 Series UPS

The most rugged and durable UPS for harsh rugged applications
Can handle rain, wind, sleet, sun, snow & ice!

Industrial Rated Components

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(20kVA to 50kVA)

Toshiba Industrial UPS

5000 Series N3R (Outdoor)

The N3R UPS Solution provides UPS protection in rain, sleet, sun and snow to save building costs. The N3R can reliably operate in temperatures ranging from -10C to 50C.

Ideal For:

ups for transportation  Transportation Hubs
ups for water and wastewter Water/Wastewater
ups for mining industry  Mining
ups for manufacturing industry  Manufacturing
ups for pipeline operations  Pipelines

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5000 Series 3P1 (indoor)

The 3P1 UPS Solution (three-phase input, single-phase output) is a heavy duty total front access NEMA 1enclosure for all industrial indoor installations.

Ideal For:

ups for petrochemical industry  Petrochemical
ups for oil industry  Oil
ups for gas refineries  Gas Refineries

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(10kVA to 30kVA)

Indoor UPS for oil and gas