Combined Heat & Power

Technologically-advanced CHP systems ideal for your site, application and performance goals designed by Canada’s most experienced and professional engineers.

Combined Heat & Power Engine

Because we’re a single source provider we handle everything, you get end-to-end project planning and implementation for your CHP system without having to go anywhere else – from feasibility studies, system design and the commissioning of turnkey power plants through maintenance, parts and servicing, our engineering team supports you during and long after your project is complete.

Once designed and installed, your system will run at up to 80% - 90% efficiency with completely reliable uptime and performance - reducing fuel and per-hour operating costs - while recapturing the maximum energy possible and diverting it back to your critical electrical and thermal applications so your operation runs clean and is environmentally-responsible.



Benefits of choosing us for all your CHP Needs:

  • Firm Upfront Capital Costs
  • Long-Term Service Agreements Include Fixed Annual Operating & Maintenance Costs
  • Guaranteed Availability & No-Worry Uptime
  • Widest Service Coverage & Largest Product Support Team in Canada
  • Industry-Leading Electrical And Thermal Efficiency (Can Increase Efficiency From 40% - 90%)
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Technologically-Advanced with Multiple Node Configurations (400kW - 9.7MW)

Industries We Serve Include:

  • MUSH Sector
    • Municipalities
    • Universities
    • Schools
    • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing / Industrial
  • Greenhouses / Farm and Agriculture
  • Mining


We needed a partner that could guarantee capital and operating costs for a new CHP facility, not just provide generator set and component pricing - Toromont offered that turn-key capability. A key for us is the service support that goes through Toromont all the way up to the factory. The reliability of parts combined with expertise and technical knowledge were the keys in differentiating Toromont and Caterpillar.


Bruce Ander, President and CEO of Markham District Energy