Priming Assisted Pumps

Gorman-Rupp’s extensive line of hard-working, dependable priming assisted (dry prime) pumps will tackle everything, including clear liquids, tough solids, and slurry applications.

The Prime Aire® and Prime Aire Plus® venturi priming system offers automatic priming and repriming. For sewage bypass operations, construction site dewatering and remediation or other applications where intermittent flow can be a problem, these dependable, versatile performers help contractors move large volumes of water rapidly, even when sticks, stones, and debris would normally present a problem.

All of Gorman-Rupp’s priming-assisted (dry prime) pumps are designed and engineered for the most rugged and demanding construction applications andare backed by an industry leading two year warranty.

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PA Series® (Prime Aire)

Priming assisted, centrifugal, solids-handling pumps, venturi and compressor priming system for medium to high head contractor and bypass applications.

Prime Assisted GR Pump
Size 4" to 14"
Max Capacity 6320 GPM
Max Head 420'
Max Solids 3"

PAH Series® (Prime Aire Plus)

Priming assisted, centrifugal, solids-handling pumps, venturi and compressor priming system for high head/high flow contractor and bypass applications.

GR Prime Aire Plus Pumps
Size 3" to 14"
Max Capacity 15,000 GPM
Max Head 575'
Max Solids 4"

PA Series Silent Pump

Portable, sound-attenuated pumping systems with solids-handling capabilities.

GR Silent Pumps
Size 3" to 12"
Max Capacity 6,200 GPM
Max Head 195'
Max Solids 3-1/4"

RD & RS Series® (Roto Prime)

Standard centrifugal with integral variable capacity vane pump, end suction pumps for petroleum products.

GR RD Series Pump
Size 2" to 5"
Max Capacity 1,460 GPM
Max Head 390'
Max Solids 1/2"
Roto-Prime Petroleum Brochure

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