Toromont Energy Control Systems (TECS)

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Toromont Energy Control Systems (TECS) are vendor-neutral (compatible with all power envelope manufacturers) and suitable for all applications, including data centers, hospitals, airports, communications, retrofits, microgrids and CHP. Our controls can also be retrofit to older systems, or installed as tap boxes for quick-connect integration.

Turnkey Solutions for Any Application

From tap boxes to off-the-shelf controls to fully customized paralleling switchgear solutions, Toromont Energy Control Systems (TECS) provide an integrated approach to a full range of reliable, cost-effective equipment. From planning to customization to delivery to ongoing support, our industry-leading expertise ensures you always have the most efficient solution.
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The Toromont Difference

Leading Expertise

With a wide network of experts and technicians, Toromont Power Systems can usually offer faster turnaround time than the competition, without compromising quality.

Your System, Your Choice

Our controls are compatible with all switchgear manufacturers, including Schneider, Eaton and CSL. And if standard options don’t meet your needs, we also manufacture our own custom switchgear in our Montreal facility.

Ready For Anything

Our controls and switchgear are ideal for a variety of applications, including standby power, prime power, mission critical power, CHP and retrofits. And with 24 locations across Eastern Canada, our team is always standing by.

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