Never Worry About
a Power Failure Again

Toshiba UPS systems offer market leading efficiency and reliability, and are supported by Toromont Cat's best in class service organization.

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When power fails, your business and operations are at risk.

A Toshiba UPS provides uninterrupted power to your equipment and operations, even when utility power blips, spikes, surges or sags. If power quality and reliability is what you need, at all times, a Toshiba UPS is the best choice.

Toshiba UPS family of products

Toromont Cat Power Systems provides end-to-end turnkey power solutions for your site.

We can design, build, install and maintain a total backup system including generators, automatic transfer switches and UPS so your site power is 100% secure no matter what happens.

Our systems are ideal for:

Data Centres
Financial Institutions
Ruggedized or Outdoor Applications
Any business with server or IT rooms
Parallel and redundant systems
Wherever power cannot fail

Power Quality

The lowest Total Harmonic Distortion output prolongs the life of your critical equipment.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Highest efficiency on the market equals predictable and lowest TCO in the industry.

Power Density

Compact footprint means more power per square foot than any other UPS.

Peace of Mind

3-year warranty – the longest in the industry.

Market Leading Efficiency

With up to 99% efficiency, exceeding Energy Star requirements, your power and cooling capital and operating expenses are reduced.

Increased Battery Life

Wide input voltage ranges means your UPS batteries are called upon only when required, extending their life and lowering your operating expenses.

Remote Monitoring

RemotEye technology allows you to monitor one, or all of your Toshiba UPS from anywhere, anytime.

Benefits Of Working With Toromont Cat Power Systems:

100+ Power Technicians for the Fastest Support in the Industry

Only the Highest Quality Equipment Built by Industry Leaders

Open 24/7/365 So You Can Reach Always Reach us

Best Logistics Operation for Quick and Efficient Parts & Service

Experienced with the Design, Installation & Maintenance Of All Power Systems

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