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Cat EMD marine engines offer modern fuel advantages that met the challenges of increasing stringent global emissions standards through continuous optimization and refinement of its proven design, resulting in the most efficient and durable marine engine in its class. True to this philosophy, Cat marine engines utilizes mature, proven emissions reduction technologies to meet US EPA Tier 4F and IMO III, so customers have maximum confidence in the engine and minimum risk in daily operations. Dual fuel Dynamic Gas Blending® provides ability to substitute diesel fuel usage with natural gas at rates as high as 80%, while allowing operation with 100% diesel fuel if needed. The engine seamlessly transitions from diesel to gas with no operator interaction. EMD’s patented DGB® conversion kits have been engineered to be fully compatible with some existing EMD engines. DGB® maintains over 90% parts commonality without compromising power output, transient response, and the reliability of the diesel original.

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