The benefit of Caterpillar's vast experience in power generation is fully realized in its generator switchgear offering.

Available from 600V through 15 kV, Cat® switchgear provides a harmonized system solution by being able to integrate all elements of monitoring and control of a Caterpillar® generator set in a singlesource package

For integration of Caterpillar generator sets into a facility, Caterpillar offers switchgear covering applications from single standby/load management to multi-unit utility paralleling installations. In any of these cases, Caterpillar switchgear can offer remote communication capabilities for monitoring and control of your total system.

Caterpillar offers three standard switchgear products using technology for your application requirements and can provide custom designed switchgear to meet your specific site conditions. The XLM line of switchgear is designed to handle the transfer of standby power with the added benefit of Load Management applications. EGP for Emergency Generator Paralleling and LM for single unit Load Management/Peak Shaving opportunities

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Quick-Connect solutions are custom designed, built and installed for a variety of application needs, including:

  • Planned maintenance for generator sets
  • Load bank connection for system testing
  • Emergency power in the event of an outage or natural disaster

Quick-Connect systems minimize intrusive cable arrangements, safely and quickly providing the necessary connection points to enable reliable, continuous power to your facility. From basic arrangements to complex designs, Quick-Connect is flexible and can easily integrate with or expand upon legacy designs and systems to meet your current power needs. There are various Quick-Connect solutions that can be categorized by two different types. The first is a simple "tap box" or "safety switch" connected to a facility's electrical infrastructure, which facilitates the connection of a rental generator. The second involves a generator switchboard that becomes part of the paralleling switchgear solution.

"From a physical standpoint, software programming, and with changes to the sequence of operations, that is where Cat® Quick-Connect adds all of the value," says Robb Homolka, a product support sales manager with Caterpillar's Electric Power Division. "It becomes part of the system. We integrate into our existing software, communicate with the Cat Rental unit, and electrically connect it for the long term. It becomes part of the complete system, including automatic operation with additional safety and business continuity for the customer." The Quick-Connect solution has three options that are site specific: Fuse disconnect, switch, and breaker.

Hospitals, data centers, banks, water treatment plants, penitentiaries and other facilities have installed this solution. Facility managers want to have an easy way to connect to the system for plant maintenance. With some mission-critical applications, periodic load bank testing is necessary, particularly for hospitals, which are required to do it. "Instead of landing cables inside switchgear cabinets for the load banks or rental generator, you connect to this solution," Homolka says. "This is another way to help customers with their required codes and regulations, and it helps mitigate their safety risks. In some cases, there can be 50 to 100 of these cables laying in an engine room or going down stairwells. That introduces a safety risk for employees or third-party contractors. Quick-Connect eliminates that risk."

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